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Vice Principal Cai Hongsheng led the team to check the opening of the school in our college

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On the morning of February 24, Vice Principal Cai Hongsheng led a team to our college for the opening examination. Heads of functional departments, such as the Capital Construction Department, the Logistics Support Department, the Cooperative Office and the Development Planning Department, accompanied the inspection. College leaders participated in the meeting.

President Peng Shuangtian first made a report on behalf of the College. He reported the achievements of the College in 2018 from three aspects, introduced in detail the work plan for 2019, and explained in detail the difficulties and problems in preparation for the opening of the College and the development of the College. Subsequently, Secretary Wang Zhong supplemented the problems facing the development of the College.

In view of the problems faced by the development of the College, Director Liu Guijie of the Infrastructure Department and Minister Wu Deneng of the Logistics Support Department focused on the construction of talent apartments and the office space of the College.

Finally, Vice President Cai Hongsheng made a concluding speech. He highly affirmed the achievements of the College in all aspects in the past year, congratulated the College, expressed his satisfaction with the preparatory work for the opening of the College, and paid attention to the difficulties and problems faced by the College. Vice-President Cai Hongsheng pointed out that in 2018, the Institute of Mathematical Engineering had worked hard and made remarkable achievements, which contributed to the development of the school. For this reason, he thanked the leaders and all the teachers of the College. At the same time, Vice-President Cai Hongsheng believes that the work plan of the College in 2019 is very realistic and has a good prospect. He hopes that in the future work, according to the plan and the idea, we will continue to gather strength and promote the Party building, teaching, scientific research and first-class discipline construction of the College as a whole. For the difficulties and problems of the college, Vice-President Cai Hongsheng put forward constructive suggestions and suggestions, and said that the school would make overall planning and try its best to solve the problems.

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