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The Second Group of the Class of Excellent Teachers of Grade 2017 went to Huake Secondary School to carry out activities

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On May 10, the second group member of the excellent teacher class of Grade 2017 of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, led by the group leader, Dai Jingyi, went to the secondary school affiliated to Huazhong University of Science and Technology to carry out group activities.

According to the new activity arrangement of Liu Yun, the group activities are mainly composed of two parts: through the way of simulated lectures, to test the curriculum design modification of Wu Lan, a member of the group, and the curriculum design of Wang Maolin, a member of the inspection group, and to put forward corresponding suggestions for modification.

In the last group activity, Wu Lan brought her simulation lecture on the parity of mathematical functions in senior high school. After listening to the relevant suggestions given by Liu Yunxin, she optimized and revised it accordingly. After the modification, Wu Lan introduced the course by using the monotony of function, and introduced the definition of even function and odd function by inviting students to make function images. On the basis of the definition, Wu Lan further explained the definition of odd function and even function in detail, and extended the method of judging odd and even function by definition. In order to let students have a better grasp of the knowledge about the parity of functions, Wu Lan also selected several specific examples for students to write the answer process on the blackboard, in order to grasp the effect of students'listening and knowledge absorption.

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